Published on April 16, 2004 By BuckR In Europe
Pirates of the African Coast abducted and enslaved millions of Europeans . It was bad times for all back in the 1500's , 1600's and 1700's . Not just for Blacks , but for whites and all those in between . Now how does that effect me in this century . It would take millions of scientist , millions of years to even start to figure out , how that effected me . And , maybe it had a Good effect on me . Maybe their enslavement resulted in displacing me to a better place . So maybe I should be greatful to the Pirates Slavers . So , why should I be paid money because great ( to the 10 th power ) grandfather and grandmother got picked up and shipped out . We should not . It is just another hair-brain scam to try to generate Free money . But , if they plan to go through with it . Lets all get in line . $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Copyright Smithfield , Va 2004 . c ya later . buckr
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